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Supporting your journey to graduation

The Office of Student Success in Arizona State University's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts facilitates the academic achievement and creative development of students while assisting in the navigation and attainment of their goals.

Advisor greeting a student

Undergraduate advising

  • Meet the team
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Learn about express advising
Course overrides
Course overrides
  • Types of overrides
  • Process by school unit for requesting overrides
Academic integrity and grading disputes.

Academic integrity and grading disputes

  • Academic integrity violations
  • Code of conduct
  • Grade grievance process
Online student.

Online student onboarding

  • Welcoming online students
  • Preparing for registration
  • Planning for success
Advisor and student speaking in an office.

Graduate advising

  • Meet the team
  • Find contact information for faculty advisors in your school unit
A student looking up from her laptop.

Video resources

  • Answers to popular advising questions
  • Numerous "How do I..." and "Where can I..." topics
Students talking under an ivy-laden awning.

Medical and compassionate withdrawals

  • Steps for withdrawals
  • Requirements
  • Review process
A woman working on a project in a studio.

Transfer student onboarding

  • Welcoming transfer students
  • Preparing for registration
  • Planning for success
  • University (registrar, financial aid and scholarship, veterans and more)
  • Herberger Institute (late registration, term overload, petitions and more)
Policies and handbooks.

Policies and handbooks

  • Herberger Institute policies
  • Student handbooks
A student taking pictures of campus.

Creative study abroad

  • Study abroad options
  • Housing, finances and more
  • Application process