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The vision of the department of Student Engagement and Creative Career Services is to support student persistence, retention and inclusion through fostering meaningful relationships and community building, encouraging creative and entrepreneurial mindsets with a goal of life-long learning, and providing transformative and experiential learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. The outcomes for the department are to ensure that students are empowered, understand the importance of justice, equity and inclusion, and are prepared for the future of creative work in transdisciplinary areas. The values of the team are creating a community of care, commitment to justice, equity and inclusion, and leading with integrity, respect, and fun.

Relationships and community

  • Creates relationships that support student dreams, aspirations and goals.
  • Provides opportunities for students to develop unique affinity and community in a place that supports their holistic thriving.

Creativity and innovation

  • Fosters entrepreneurial and creative mindsets to create the next generation of thought leaders and culture makers.
  • Develops interdisciplinary student collaboration opportunities and community both inside and outside of the classroom.

Experiential and transformative learning opportunities

  • Dismantles barriers to knowledge exchange by developing transdisciplinary skills and competencies to complement creative talent.
  • Promotes life-long learning outside of the classroom, enriching the student’s unique academic and future professional pursuits.

Empowerment and persistence

  • Engages students in creative engagement programs to develop their identity, empowerment and self-efficacy.
  • Fosters a Community of Care and designs support systems for students experiencing challenges, offering one on one support and assistance in navigating university structures.

Whole citizen engagement

    Centers justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in multi-disciplinary learning approaches in order to foster global citizenship.
  • Works with diverse stakeholders to dismantle systems of inequality and support justice-centered creative exploration.

Future impact

  • Provides career-related experiences and systems for exploration of professional futures post-graduation.
  • Supports the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and facilitates the implementation of student ideas and concepts for greater social impact and scale.

Student Engagement and Creative Career Services staff

Megan Workmon
Director of Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Brett Stachler
Coordinator Senior
Ernesto Reyes
Coordinator, First Year Experience and Retention

Creative Career Services

David Leighton
Assistant Director, Career Services

Creative Career Peers

Creative Career Graduate Assistants

Entrepreneurship and Innovation