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Living on and off campus

Your creative home

As a student in the Herberger Institute, you’ll have a number of options to choose from when it comes to experiencing student life, whether you’re living on campus or off campus

On-campus housing

ASU’s Tempe and Downtown campus housing arrangements for Herberger Institute students are unique environments that enrich your ASU experience through opportunities to explore diverse perspectives of creativity, discover innovations in the arts and design that complement your degree program, and develop a community of other students who share similar passions.

Living on campus, you live and learn with creative, innovative and imaginative peers from every program in design and the arts, collaborating on projects, preparing for classes and sharing your interests and talents.

Tempe campus

First-year design and the arts students (except for popular music and fashion majors) on the ASU Tempe Campus live in Adelphi Commons. Located on the southeast end of campus, Adelphi is just a short walk from the Music building and the Nelson Fine Arts Center. On your way to class, you'll also pass by the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. You have the option to walk, use the Tempe Streetcar or use the free campus shuttle to transit to our north-side design and arts facilities such as the Design, Art and Stauffer buildings. Frequent academic, professional and social programming coordinated by student leaders in the halls help students transition to university life.

Upper division students have a variety of options for their sophomore year and beyond, such as 922 Place Apartments, Villas at Vista Del Sol and Tooker House. Students wishing to reside in upper-division housing will receive information on the reapplication process from ASU Housing via email late in the fall semester or early in the spring semester. To learn more about upper-division housing, visit the ASU Housing website.

Downtown Phoenix campus

Both first-year and second-year popular music and fashion majors have their classes and live on campus at Taylor Place on the ASU Downtown Campus. Taylor Place is Arizona State University's premier residential community located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, just steps away from classrooms, the light rail, bus station and all the City of Phoenix has to offer. It is just minutes away from the Fillmore on First building, home to the fashion and popular music programs. Rooms are double-occupancy and suite style with private bathrooms. Amenities include 24-hour security, full-service cafeteria, study and TV lounges, laundry facilities that text students when finished, a fitness room, wireless Internet and cable. Popular music and fashion majors will reside on the same floors as their peers.

Third-year students and above have options on the Downtown Campus, such as Fillmore on First (the same building that is home to the fashion and popular music programs) and Roosevelt Point. Students wishing to reside in upper division housing will receive information on the reapplication process from ASU Housing via email late in the fall semester or early in the spring semester. To learn more about upper division housing, visit the ASU Housing website.

What’s happening on campus

When you live on campus, student leaders host a variety of programs and events to enliven the community and engage students in their artistic and creative pursuits. From guest artists leading workshops to faculty-assisted creative programs and large community arts events, to hikes up A-Mountain and portfolio review sessions to student film festival evenings, there are fun events and workshops for every interest.

Creative Mentors, upper-division Herberger Institute students who have demonstrated a high level of academic and creative work, facilitate inspirational events geared toward community building, arts and design engagement, and creative exploration. As an on-campus resident, you will have the opportunity to dine with faculty members from your programs, learn new skills such as Japanese book binding, printmaking or puppet-making, and showcase your own creative talents. Events are planned based off of residents' distinct interests, so there are always new, exciting programs and opportunities within the community.

Off-campus housing

Whether you're a first-year student transitioning out of the residence halls, a graduate student or an international student looking for a place near campus, the Arizona State University Off-Campus Housing resource is here to help all ASU students, faculty and staff with their search for off-campus housing.

Visit the Off-Campus Housing Services website.

ASU Off Campus Housing holds an annual housing fair for you to learn more about off-campus housing every March, keep an eye on their website during this time of the year!



Where can I apply to live on campus?

This will be part of your online New Student Experience portal, but you can directly apply for housing by going to their website.

How much does it cost to live on campus?

You can check the cost of living on campus on the ASU Housing website. Students who live on campus are also required to purchase a meal plan, you can find meal plan costs here. Want to know how the costs of housing fits with your overall budget and financial aid? Use the student budget worksheet to determine your tuition costs.

Are first year students expected to live on campus?

Yes, first-time first-year students are expected to live on-campus. We believe living on campus is critical for a successful transition to university life and first-year academic success. Leaving home for college is a huge change, but we’re here to help ease your transition. When you live on the Tempe campus in one of our residential communities, you’ll have the resources to thrive at the intellectual heart of the university with students who share your academic interests.

If you are an incoming first-year student, you are automatically exempt from the first-year student Housing expectation if you are married, have a domestic partnership, or have dependents. There may be other reasons why living off-campus as a first-year student could be a better option for you, such as your age, financial implications, etc. You can discuss these considerations with ASU Housing by emailing them at or calling 480-965-3515.

What is a residential college?

As a first-year student, you're expected to live on the campus of your major. You will live in a supportive, close-knit residential college community designed to help you succeed at ASU. Residential colleges place you next door to classmates that share your major or career interests and feature programs, events and amenities tailored to your major. Form valuable connections with roommates and classmates that will last a lifetime. Learn from staff who are prepared to help you build the foundation for your next four years. Residential colleges feature programs, events and amenities tailored to your major, including: tutoring, advising and academic resources.

What if I have more questions?

You can contact ASU Housing, by emailing them at or calling 480-965-3515. The full information for staff in ASU Housing can be found on their website.

Additionally, you can contact Ernesto Reyes, First Year Student Retention and Engagement Coordinator at and 480-965-4495.