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Career advising

Make a career advising appointment!

Schedule a time to speak with someone about your resume, job search, career plan, or anything else. 

Career Advising


How to make a career advising appointment

  • Step 1. Login into ASU Handshake
  • Step 2. Select "Career Center" then "Appointments"
  • Step 3. Click "Schedule a New Appointment"
  • Step 4. Select "Currently Enrolled Online and Immersion Students"
  • Step 5. Select "All ASU - Arts, Design and Performance - Begin (1st appointment)".

On-Demand Help

No time for a career advising appointment? Choose from the self-directed appointments below to get help on a number of topics.

Resume Review

Submit your resume and/or cover letter any time! Creative Career Services will review your materials and email you feedback.

Submit your materials!


Explore your future

What can I do with this major?

Degree Title ≠ Job Title

Your degree prepares you for more jobs than you can imagine. Use the resources below to think about your career options. 


Transition to the next step

What tools can help me prepare for the next step in my career?

  • Track your job or internship search with a customizable job search database. You can copy this to your own Google Drive to track applications, brainstorm keywords and filters, and find job boards and networking sites specific to your industry.
  • Learn how to ask for letters of recommendation from faculty and staff who can speak to your unique skills and competencies.
  • Review a quick guideline for professional communication to help you navigate your unique context.
  • Practice your organization skills and learn to set an agenda for your internship, experiential learning opportunity, or new job!
  • Writing achievable goals can be challenging, so practice writing SMART goals with this activity guide.
  • Work backwards from your unique values to your grand aspirations and goals in this Development Plan activity guide.
  • Curate a fulfilled life by exploring your purpose with this Ikigai activity guide.
  • Map your assets, ideas, and unexpected connections to help explore alternative pathways and ideas with this Career Mind-Mapping activity guide.
  • ASU Career Services has tons of resources to help you prepare, research, transition, and thrive in your career.
  • Not sure what you need?  Schedule a career advising appointment.



A labor union is an organization of workers who lobby for better workers’ rights. Many creative communities have unions specific to that discipline.  Here is an ongoing list of creative labor unions which will be periodically updated to reflect changes in creative industries.


Grants are another great way that independent artists and designers can make money. Go to our Resumes and Application Materials page to learn more.


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