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Jobs and student employment

Working as a student

You may decide to work while you are a student, either to help with living and learning expenses or to gain additional experience to complement your education. The skills you obtain from employment can compliment your academics and communicate to future employers your ability to succeed in a professional environment.

Studies have shown that students who work do just as well if not better academically than non-employed students, and that grades improve as students work up to twenty hours per week. In addition, working students are more likely to complete a degree program than non-workers.


On-campus jobs

Looking for a part-time job that works around your class schedule? Apply for on-campus student employment!

Visit the ASU job search website and use key-words and search terms to find positions that are right for you

Off-campus jobs

Handshake is a valuable platform for current students and recent alumni to connect with employers who are specifically looking for ASU students/alumni. In addition you can use Handshake to find and register an internship for course credit, research employers, join career events such as a virtual career fair, and book a career advising session with Creative Career Services. All opportunities are legitimate and vetted by ASU’s Career and Professional Development Services.

Graduate Research Aid / Teaching Assistant information

Are you a graduate student looking for work? Graduate students can receive financial support through teaching and research assistantships as well as through student employment.

Common red flags when searching for a job or internship

It’s not uncommon for scammers to take advantage of college students, especially international students or anyone looking for “quick cash.” All jobs and internships on Handshake have been vetted for the safety of students. When looking for work elsewhere, use these resources to help you identify and avoid scams.

Spotting scams