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Mentorship and networking

Build your network

Networking means reaching out to people to make useful and lasting professional relationships. Starting and growing your network can be daunting, but it is actually quite east. Building a network of strong connections is an important part of your professional success.

Career Conversations

Career Conversations, commonly referred to as "informational interviews", are a great way to start building your network and learn about jobs in your field. Reach out to alumni, your faculty, working professionals, or anyone else who might have insight into a particular career. Once you've found people you want to connect with, send them a brief “ice-breaker” message and ask them for a few minutes of their time for a phone call, video chat, or a meetup.

To prepare for your career conversation use this career conversations handout, and think of your own additional questions to ask. After your conversation, send them a follow-up email thanking them for their time.

IMPORTANT: The average response rate for online networking is about 20%, so cast a wide net and do not be discouraged by only getting a couple responses.

Student clubs and organizations

Join a student club or organization and network with your fellow Sun Devils! Go to the Industry Overview Packets to find clubs and national organizations related to your major or creative field. Your friendships and connections to classmates will benefit you long after you graduate. Go to SunDevilSync to search for more clubs and organizations that align with your other interests and affinity groups. Your friendships and connections to classmates will benefit you long after you graduate.

ASU alumni on LinkedIn

Find ASU Alumni on LinkedIn. Like other universities, ASU has a tab listing every LinkedIn member who has listed ASU as their alma mater. Use key-words and filters strategically to find alumni who have jobs you aspire to, working for companies you admire, in locations that interest you, or with backgrounds similar to yours.