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Emergency services

  • Crisis in need of immediate response: Call 911 for immediate response.

  • Harmful or aggressive behavior: Expressed the desire to harm oneself or others or is exhibiting aggressive behavior, immediately contact Student Rights and Responsibilities at 480-965-6547 and Campus Police non-emergency number at 480-965-3456 if necessary. Please call 911 for an immediate response if necessary.

  • Mental health: ASU Counseling Services prioritize immediate access to services to ensure that all students who request or need services can be seen the same day – no appointment is necessary. You can call or walk in and be seen anytime at one of our four campus locations.

    • For more information about counseling services, call 480-965-6146.
    • If you need assistance outside of business hours, please call EMPACT’s 24-Hour ASU-dedicated Crisis Line: 480-921-1006.
    • You can also Use CRISIS TEXTLINE: Text HOME To 741741.
  • Sexual violence or assault: Claimed to witness, have experienced or committed a sexual assault, immediately contact Student Rights and Responsibilities at 480-965-6547 and Campus Police at 480-965-3456 if necessary.

  • Discrimiation or harassment: If you would like to complete a Report Form, please do so and email it to urr@asu.edu. Alternatively or additionally, you can report a concern or allegation to the Office of University Rights and Responsibilities at 480-965-5057.

  • Sexual harassment or misconduct: Students, faculty and staff who experience sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking or relationship violence are encouraged to seek support and report the incident.

I need help today

Counseling services

  • Mental health: Expressed emotional distress (with no imminent threat of harm), contact Counseling Services at 480-965-6146 to learn more about what you can do to assist the student.

I need to talk to someone or I'm not sure what to do

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