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Schedule a time to speak with someone about your resume, job search, career plan, or anything else.

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How to make a career advising appointment

    • Step 1. Login into ASU Handshake
    • Step 2. Select "Career Center" then "Appointments"
    • Step 3. Click "Schedule a New Appointment"
    • Step 4. Select "Arts, Design and Performance"

Advanced Appointment Types:

    What can I do with my major?

    Are you curious about the different jobs open to you related to your education and experience?

    Resume Review

    Submit your materials online at any time! We review resumes, cover letters, CV's and other application materials. You will get feedback emailed to you within 5 business days. Just make sure to list "Communications and Media" or "Arts, Design, and Performance" as your career interest community. For more precise feedback, send us the link to the job or internship to which you are applying.

    Submit your materials!

    Preparing for an Interview

    Do you have an upcoming interview? Prepare for your interview using these resources.


    Grants are another way that independent artists, designers, and entrepreneurs make money. ASU has many grant writing materials on campus and online for students to use! Including certificates offered to grow a student's confidence when learning to write grant essays for their future endeavors.  

    ASU also has grant writing courses at various levels for students to learn in-depth about what it takes to draft an effective essay. These can be found within 'Class Search' under keyword 'Grant Writing'.  

    Skill Share is an online learning community where people can discover, take or instruct a class. They supply a variety of resources and videos which could help you develop professional materials and skills. There is a 7-day free trial to grant subscribers an opportunity to explore what they have to offer. is a free online learning community with a series of videos and courses. Its mission is to instruct individuals in the fundamentals of writing successful grant essays. 

    On-Demand Help

    No time for a career advising appointment? Choose from the self-directed appointments below to get help on a number of topics.

    Building your online presence

    Be Internship Ready

    I’m applying for a part-time opportunity

    I’m applying for an internship

    I’m interested in National or International Service

    I'm interested in an Arts and Design masters program

    Other virtual services

    Visit the ASU Virtual Career Resources


    Handshake is a valuable resource where you can find jobs and internships, research employers, join career events, and book a career advising appointment.

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