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Petition forms

Petition for a term overload:

Complete a term overload to request permission to enroll in a higher course load beyond the university's set maximums.

Fall & Spring maximums: 18 credits per semester; 9 credits per session

Summer maximums: 14 credits per semester; 7 credits per session

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Herberger Institute level Standards Committee Petition

Complete this Standards Committee Petitions to request a variance in a college level policy such as:

  • Requesting to repeat a course for a third attempt
  • Requesting to retain a prior catalog year
  • Any other Herberger Institute policy

You must upload a PDF of your Unofficial transcripts and Graduation audit (DARS) with any petition.

University level Standards Committee Petition

To request a variance in a university policy such as:

  • General Studies requirement exception
  • Transfer credit exception
  • Any other University policy

Please review the University Petition Instructions to submit your request.  NOTE: ASU does not review or process University level requests in May-July.

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