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Academic advising appointments

Schedule an appointment

Undergraduate academic advising appointments are available year round and should be scheduled with the lead advisor for your major or minor program whenever possible.

  1. Book yourself an appointment

    This option is only for current Herberger Institute majors
    • Schedule an appointment on MyASU.
    • Infographic on how to make an appointment.
    • The online scheduling system only shows two weeks of available appointments for each advisor. If the advisor’s schedule is full, students can return to the scheduling system the following day to see the next chronological day with open appointments.
  2. Contact the front desk

  3. Visit in person

    • Advising support is located at:

      Tempe Campus: Downtown Phoenix Campus:

      Design South (CDS), Room 101

      Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm

      Open year round

      Fusion on First (FOF), Room 320

      Mon - Thur, 8:30 - 4:30

      Open during Fall & Spring semesters

      (Closed during Winter & Summer Breaks)

Come to your appointment prepared:

  • Know your ASU student ID number or have your ASU ID card ready.

  • Check your account at for any registration holds and clear up what you can prior to seeing an advisor.

  • Review your major map and know the required and critical courses for your major.

  • Run and review your DARS report. Learn how to run a DARS report.

  • Bring a written list of questions you would like to discuss and ideas of courses you are planning to take next semester. Please check course availability in the schedule of classes.

  • If asking questions about a letter, email, or form that you received from anyone at the university, bring it with you for the advisor to review.

  • When asking questions about specific courses know the prefix and number (i.e., DSC is the prefix and 180 is the course number) of the course.